Saturday, Sept. 13, 2003 || Icing on the cake

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This should teach me to say I am going to try to do something.

The lesson: don't say that unless you really mean it.

Because, here I am, and this will be another "non-entry".

I have a butt-ton of homework and we have friends in town for the weekend.

These are actually good things. Homework means I am finally working toward my dream of becoming a counselor. And our friends are a major blessing who we haven't been able to spend any time with in the past year and a half (they've been living in the Middle East).

So, I can't keep my sort-of promise of a real entry, because I am working toward a dream and hanging out with good friends.

Man, that makes the caramel macchiatos we had last night icing on the cake.

(...and may everyone else have an icing-on-cake kind of weekend too.)

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