Sunday, Jul. 21, 2002 || Humble Pie

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Today I am thankful that God reminds me that He is in control, and I am not.

As some of you know, I am the worship leader (i.e., song leader) at our church. Rob is the pastor and our lead instrumentalist (acoustic guitar). We will miss two Sundays while on vacation this year. One of the young men of our church, we'll call him J, is scheduled to preach the second Sunday, and it has seemed to me (in my humble yet accurate opinion) that Rob has been kind of nervous about it, since J has never preached at our church on Sunday morning. J is called to ministry and does currently minister in other capacities at our church (he is a "missionary kid" and Bible college grad).

I have been kind of "ribbing" Rob for appearing to be uptight about the whole thing. "Just let him do what God tells him to do", has been my attitude.

And today I was slapped upside the head by that same thing! You see, J will be leading music and playing lead instrument the first Sunday we are absent. The ministry I coordinate. My "baby". And I found myself trying to dictate exactly how it should go, what they should sing, etc. while I am gone.

And God whispered...

"Nicole, I am in control. You are just a steward of this ministry. Trust me to be God."

Nothing like a little humble pie from the Lord now and again!

I don't think this means that we shouldn't plan, encourage, and make suggestions, as Rob has an intimate and unique outlook on the preaching ministry at the church. And while I won't even pretend that I am more than an average song leader, I do have a little bit of insight into the area.

So, finding the balance between making sure things are done well AND letting God be God is a precarious fence to walk on.

Have I mentioned I can be a real klutz?

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