Thursday, Jul. 24, 2003 || Home again, home again...

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We are home.

I have so much to write about, but no time to do least for now.

It was really weird waking up in my own room. Neither Rob or I knew where we were at first this morning. That was an odd feeling.

I can't even begin to calculate how many hours we must have spent in the van. Not to mention the hours of "PT Cruiser" we played. We sort of created the game, loosely based on the annoying one our children played where they yelled "PT Pinch" or "Slugbuggy" whenever they saw a Cruiser or VW Bug, thereby lavishing said assaults on one another.

We quickly banned all pinching and slapping and they wouldn't go for my idea of the "PT Pucker" (I'm not kissing them....! Add preteen girl whine here).

So, we devised a point system as follows:

PT Cruisers: 1
VW Bugs: 2
Wood paneled vehicles: 3
Old VW Bugs: 4

I am still recovering from hearing our 5-year-old exclaiming with glee, "I got a woodie!"

Oh, yes. That is what they call the wood paneled vehicles. Yes, we were treated to phrasology to the tune of:

"Why can't I get a woodie?"

"That's my woodie! See? Right there!"

"Where's a woodie?"

"Woodie, woodie, W-OOO-DIE!"

Something to share with future in-laws someday, ya-think?

Anyway. In brief I have spent the day going through bills, reading diaries, and changing my class schedule. A trip to Montreal and I have decided to go back to the language I studied for 3 years in high school. My scheduled is now:

French I
Beginning Algebra
Human Biology
Muscle Conditioning (1st 8 weeks)
Fitness Center I (2nd 8 weeks)

I will still try to get into a bio lab after registration deadline on Aug. 11. If I can, I will drop one of the fitness classes.

Trip reviews and pictures soon. Really.

But don't hold your breath.

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