Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2005 || Home again, home again...for now anyway

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Home again, home again...

The new white paint rocks. For white paint. Yes, it is uninspired, but it looks clean and crisp.

(Did I mention that we had almost all of the remaining rooms painted while we were gone?)

We are preparing the house for sale. No biggie that we don't know where we are going yet. We just don't want to get a proverbial kick in the pants when it comes time. I suppose all those remaining still-packed boxes are now a blessing rather than an albatross.

We are going to go FSBO. We will save a lot that way, and I am going to look at it as my summer job. I am even thinking that if I like the whole process, once we get settled I may look into the real estate thing. Especially if we go to PA, since I can't sub there without a degree and certification.

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For some reason, I hit add entry and I wasn't even done...

Maybe that's a hint that I need to get my butt in gear and get on with my day!

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