Sunday, Feb. 13, 2005 || Highlights

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I realize that I haven't had a whole lot to say lately. Once daily entries have dwindled to bi-weekly or so.

If one doesn't have anything to say, why blather on about nothing?

My point exactly.

But in the interest of keeping you all informed, here are a few "highlights".

1. K@ytlin's 13th birthday bash is planned. Gotta love a restaurant with a party room. They set up; they clean up.

This is my kind of partying.

I am not even spending one itty-bitty second thinking about the fact that I will be the parent of a teen. Which also means I am old enough to have a teen (see Nicole holding her hands over her ears saying "lalalalalalalalala".)

2. I sang for the first time today with one of the praise teams at church. During the first service, I started shaking about midway through the first song. It abated by the second song, but man, I didn't like that feeling. Not sure if it was nerves or lack of breakfast.

During the second service, while the worship leader was praying, the cord dropped right out of my microphone. Plop. Right at my feet. I think I recovered it pretty quickly, but I couldn't quite tell if I'd plugged it back in correctly since I could no longer hear my voice in the monitors.

That question was finally answered during the final song when one of the other gals' mics totally went kaput and I could then hear myself.

Guess the three of us are a bunch of loud mouths.

3. My Valentine is in Denver.

'Nuff said.

4. I managed to really anger the owner of the rec league for which P@rker plays basketball. That is a whole story in and off itself that, perhaps, I will share on another day.

I will say this - it's funny how when you nonchalantly ask someone if you can look over their books to see how this "public" money is being spent, they go into a tirade. Hmmmmm. If everything was on the up and up, would you really mind someone looking at the books?

'Nuff said on that subject too.

~ ~ ~

Hmmph, this is boring even me. Tell me you still love me even though I've been neither witty nor dazzling of late.

~ ~ ~

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