Saturday, May. 04, 2002 || It all started harmlessly enough...

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It all started harmlessly enough...

The scrumptious Marn innocently (okay, well, maybe not so innocently) posted some banners. Cheeky, and a bit off color. And I must admit, I got carried away in the silliness of it all, and plotted with my dah-ling sister, Janie to have a little fun.

You see, a family member of ours recently joined the ranks of diaryland. This person doesn't update much, but when the person does it is usually rather witty. Being html challenged, this person enlisted my assistance in customizing the template, to which I graciously agreed, spending beaucoup hours tweeking and re-tweaking, much to my own spouse's chagrin.

So, Marn posts banners. Baby sister and I decide it would be fun to post one in this person's template. Our hubbies giggle with us, but have absolutely nothing to do with it. Mine even goes so far as to be a bit protective of said person.

After a few days, I come to the conclusion that this person is ignoring our efforts as a way to lessen the impact. Fine. I have done the same thing. Kind of takes the punch out of the practical joke.

That was until I read the entry this morning. I simply added a banner that could be easily removed. No comments. No real insinuations. However, this person chose to "get back" at Janie and me by graphically insulting our husbands.

There is a lot to be said for leaving things unsaid, not to mention taking up arms against the real perpetrators, not parties innocent to the action. But I guess if that is as creative as you can get, dear one, resorting to low-blow insults of our family members rather than thinking of something witty to sling at us, so be it.

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