Friday, Apr. 21, 2006 || Weight loss Friday!

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It's shaping up to be a happy Friday for me!

I am down 2.5 lbs since Monday and 5.5 overall. Woohoo!

Of course, I realize that the first five or so is normally "water weight", and fairly easy to shed. I dont think those pounds have made a lot of difference in how my clothes fit - or don't fit - at this point either.

Maybe once I hit the 10 pound mark?

Ive ran/walked 11.25 miles this week, and will log another 2.5 as soon as I get outside this morning. My goal is 12 miles a week right now, so I can get caught up on my 500 miles in a year goal.

I started measuring inches yesterday, but wont measure again till Monday. I will probably only measure once a week, but once I bought the tape measure Wednesday night, I couldn't resist measuring yesterday morning. Really wasn't so bad till I got to what I am referring to as the buttock/upper thigh area. The spread there is a good 5 inches higher than my bra measurement.

Definitely pear-shaped.

That is the problem area I am trying hardest to change. Of course it is also the toughest area for a woman to tone (so I've read).

Gah. Hopefully I can shed a few inches there without having to look malnourished.

Trying to decide if I should treat myself to some white zin tonight 173 calories for 8 it worth it?

Well see how the day goes.

OH, and just to make me feel a little bit older, Kay had her first *real* babysitting job last night. She was so excited, and her haul wasn't too bad either, especially considering they were in bed the majority of the time she was there.

Makes me proud, but makes me feel kind of old too. Not to mention that the last time I bought wine, I was waited on by a kid whose diapers I used to change.

Um, yeah.

I'm not getting old, they are...I'm not getting old, they are...

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