Thursday, Dec. 23, 2004 || Sit back and hang on tight

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Thank you all for your kind notes and support. I did feel better once I had addressed how I felt and wrote it out.

Then, yesterday morning as I was spending time with Abba Father, I realized that even if I had done everything right last weekend, I was still, and had been on and off for the past year, harboring anger and bitterness toward this couple, especially her.

So, I spent an extended amount of time praying about it, and then I sent off this note:

"I have harbored anger and bitterness toward you both on and off for the past year. I am sorry. Forgive me."

I didn't address the fact that they hurt me, or that they (her especially) have been immature jerks (heh), because there is no point. I've talked it over with the One Who matters; He knows how I feel, and His shoulders are big enough.

They may never admit their fault. And that's okay.

As Rob said in his message on Sunday, "It doesn't matter if you were right. Jesus was right. And He died to restore the relationship."


There is freedom with forgiveness. My conscience is completely clear now.

Bring on Christmas!

~ ~ ~

I broke one of my pretty acrylic nails today.

Man, that sucks! I guess I woke up K@ytlin when I yelled, "Darn it!" All I was trying to do was grab a Mistletoe tart and tea light out of the closet.


Actually, it only broke off the tip, as far down as the natural nail, which has actually grown out quite a bit. It makes my nails look more natural, really, as natural nails are seldom the same size and shape.

I thought about going to get it repaired today, but I think I will just hold off and when I go for the next fill, I will have them even them all out. They are borderline-too-long-to-do-anything-industrious anyway.

~ ~ ~

It was totally freakin' cold in MO this weekend. Like hurt your face cold. That makes me glad we don't live there anymore. It is going to be in the 60's here today, albeit rainy.

Not too mention the area is so white it's clear. I love the diversity of this area. So many nationalities and races represented. I love that our kids are being exposed to different cultures.

It's been almost a year since we moved in here. This time last year we were hanging out at the parenthood's abode, just waiting. Rob had come down here to work, only to be laid off after a day and half. Little did we know that wouldn't be the job that would take care of us afterall. Little did we know that in 2 short weeks we wouldn't even know if we had a home. (Stupid underwriters seem to need some little bother of a thing called income verification. Pfftttt.)

But here we are. And in reality, we are almost as unsure of where we are "going" as we were just over a year ago.

Never a dull moment in this following-God gig.

I am learning to sit back and hang on tight. It's always quite the ride.

~ ~ ~

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