Wednesday, Apr. 02, 2003 || Hair color or hormones?

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Warmer weather upon us, the need to shave various and sundry places has increased. I just can’t do the European thing. I want soft, touchable legs extending out of my capris!

So, I showered after my treadmilling, taking care of that unwanted prickle look. I dried off. I began to apply my favorite body lotion.

As I moved to the left leg, I thought, “Wow, I missed a spot.”

Oh, but not just any spot. I missed the WHOLE STINKIN’ LEG.

I ask you, how does someone miss an entire leg!?

So, do you think it is the hair color (blonde by nature, blonder by choice) or hormones?

I even woke up the past two nights with night-sweats. Not a neat feeling.

This is your brain. This is your brain after 30...

This getting older stuff can be quite interesting.

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