Thursday, Jul. 21, 2005 || Growing up; reaching out

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On Monday, K@ytlin asked if a girl from church could come over and spend the night.

Now, that might not seem like a big deal. Anyone who knows our daughter knows she is our "socialite". She is always going somewhere, on the phone, on chat, or inviting someone over. She lives for human interaction.

But when she asked if "Beth" could come over, I was a bit surprised. You see, Beth is one of the "unlovables" at church. To say she is quirky and a bit on the annoying side is kind.

She lives close to the church and is there anytime she sees anyone there. She follows folks around like a lost puppy and uses those grating look-at-me tactics that many no-one-pays-attention-to-me-at-home kiddos often resort to.

To say that she has plucked K@y's last nerve this year would be an understatement. As a matter of fact, when K@y asked if she could come over, I was quite surprised.

This is the same kid that upon any announcement that she would be at a youth activity or that even the slightest possibility existed that K@y might have to sit with her or share a room with her at camp brought moans and groans and "I better not have to...with Beth!" proclamations.

So, when K@y made this inquiry, my response was, "Are you sure, K@ytlin?"

"Yeah, Mom, she really wants to come over."

So, I said yes. She has since come and gone, and I could tell it was trying at times, as I saw K@y with a look not unlike that which one might get when they see a skeeter on their arm and get ready to slap it.

But as I quietly observed, I noticed that K@y handled the visit with grace and gentleness. And I am really proud of her (and told her so).

This can only mean one thing:

Our little girl is growing up.

And in this little glimpse I was afforded this week, I am liking what I see. For a kid to whom Rob and I have often proclaimed this year, "Sweetie, it's not all about you," I am seeing that she is starting to realize that.

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