Friday, Jul. 11, 2003 || Here today, gone on Monday

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So, I haven't been on-line since Sunday. I have actually kind of enjoyed it!

I am not going to really update at this point. We are heading to Ft. McHenry in Baltimore this morning. The kids studied it in school so the whole family (that would be 18 of us) are heading there around 10 AM.

We are staying at Janie's until Monday (tonight we get to hang out with Pam, her hubby, and best friend), then heading north to PA (woohoo - I get to meet Barb), then on to Boston on Wednesday. After that, Rob wants to try to drive through as many New England states as possible, and up into Canada (not sure what route we are taking to do that; probably up through Vermont; I am supposed to meet yet another d-lander in New England, which I am really excited about), into Quebec and on down to Niagra Falls. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

I have managed to get two short runs in and a few laps in my parents' pool. I plan to do another 3.5 mile run around my folks' neighborhood tomorrow evening.

One cute story on Janie's youngest one, Josiah. I came upstairs one afternoon wearing a red Old Navy tank. Janie was wearing one too. She called me a poser, to which I replied that I just wanted to look as cute and sexy as she did. Josiah was sitting in the chair with her and she looked down at him and said, "Who looks better in their Old Navy flag tank, Josiah? Mommy or Aunt Nicole?"

He looked up at me very seriously and pointed at me and said, "Her!"

Gotta loved that kid!

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