Friday, Jul. 28, 2006 || Getaways and perceptions

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Heading down to our previous home of record tomorrow, dropping K off with some friends for two weeks tomorrow (Rob is calling it her "missions" trip, because they just started a church - a very nontraditional one, which is so cool - and she will get to be a part of that for two weeks). He and I will be using this jaunt as a short get-away, and for what seems like a long time, the first that doesn't involve work. We will be staying here. One of the best parts - it's free. Finally reaping some benefits from all the traveling he did in '04-05.

We have so many friends down that way, but I don't really want to even tell anyone we are coming! I love being with those folks, but I know that we could end up using all of our time hanging out, and that's not a bad thing, but it sort of defeats the purpose of a romantic getaway.

We are hoping they will upgrade us to an oceanfront room. If not, I think it will still be nice.

Kind of crazy, but of the two times we've lived in that area, we've never stayed at the beach there. Last time I stayed down there I was in high school and with the 'rents and my sisters. We stayed at some little motel with lots of big pine trees around it. I remember all the needles everywhere. The pool was almost too shaded. One of my favorite pictures of myself (which is a rarity) was taken there...

I look back at that picture and think of how small my self-image was back then. Today I see a dancer's body, thin but muscular. Back then I thought I was too skinny but with big thighs (proportionally, that is). Funny how our perceptions change, eh?

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