Tuesday, Oct. 07, 2003 || Where's that Starbucks!?

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Yes, I am still alive, complete with replenished red blood cells.

Well, at least I think so since I have been able to log some walking miles on the 'mill. Haven't tried any running yet, though. I have been trying to multitask, which means I study while I walk. My treadmill has a handy-dandy book holder so it works out nicely.

In order to actually read, I can't run, though. To much bobbing up and down to see the words. Makes me dizzy just thinking about it!

So, does my tush and thighs need it! I have put on a few pounds, which in and off itself is okay since I was a bit underweight, but, all the toning I did over the past year, well... let's just say gravity sucks. Downward.

I have two tests today, had one yesterday. But hallelujah, Monday and Tuesday are "fall break". No classes. Which gives me lots of time to complete the plethora of french homework and study for my test the Monday after break.

It is a good think I really love french or else I would be so miserable. There is so much to try to take in! And this week I have to write a three paragraph letter to a french student who is coming to stay with us (this is just an exercise, people, but wouldn't that be cool?).

Can we say O-Ver-Whel-Ming, boys and girls?

We fly out to Norfolk on Saturday. We will be there until Thursday; the church Rob worked as a youth pastor for almost a decade ago (man, has it been that long!?) is having all of us in for a missions conference (we are considered "home" missionaries because we started a church, from scratch, here in the states). They are spoiling us royally - nice hotel, rental car, days free to do what we want.

And there is a Starbucks right across from the church now! (Can you imagine, Mar and Janie!? It was all woods when we were there.)

I am really looking forward to it, though I will have homework to do while there. I might get the opportunity to meet some folks from an online book list I participate in. It is really wild how a few years ago I would have never tried to meet anyone from online (I mean, they must be freaks if they want to meet, right?), but it isn't like that today. I have met several wonderful people (hi Marn, Pam, M, Barb, Jess!!). Which reminds me that I still haven't shared those meetings, save the one with Pam back in March (but I got to see her and her darling spouse in July too).

So, any-who, busy days ahead as I finish up my classes this week and then try to get the house in order and pack us all up.

I will probably need that Starbucks as soon as we hit the ground on Saturday. "One Caramel Macchiato, please, and make it as HUGE as you can!"

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