Tuesday, Sept. 03, 2002 || Life just doesn't stop, now does it?

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I think I am passing myself coming and going.

I plan to finish with the vacation tales soon, but, life just happens, and I have been swamped.

Something to ponder today...

Why does someone call to have a résumé done, seeking your professional help and expertise and then proceed to tell you how to do what you do? Kind sir, if you know so well how to write a résumé, then do it yourself and do not waste my time!

End of rant.

~ ~ ~

In other news...

Rob and I got stoned Sunday night.

Yes, you read that right.

You see, we are in the midst of our annual paint-fest. This year it is three rooms: Kaytlin's, the kitchen, and our bathroom.

Kaytlin's entire room needed to be kilzed. Her room is small, about 9" by 10". We didn't want the wondrous odor to envelope the entire house, so we closed her door, opened the window, and turned on a fan, proceeding to hurry along as quickly as possible without making a huge mess. An aresol can would not do the trick in there; we were talking rollers with a gallon can.

You don't really notice what is happening to your head until you actually leave the room. I wasn't out for five minutes before I started giggling.

And giggling.

Now, I have been drunk before. In my teen years, I got a bit tipsy to full-out, passed-out drunk on several occasions. So, this didn't freak me out too much; I just decided to lay down on the couch and let the buzz wear off. I felt silly and giddy and a little bit tired.

Rob, on the other hand, has never been drunk or high. He was a bit confuzzled over the loopy feeling.

Every time I looked at him, I started laughing.

"You know, if we drank, you would be a silly drunk. I would be a mean drunk, because you would drive me crazy," he replied.

Should be lots of fun kilzing our bathroom!

~ ~ ~

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