Monday, Feb. 12, 2007 || And life goes on...

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So, what's been going on around here...

I've been working almost every school day for the past three or four weeks now. Actually, since the second week in January. Which is good and bad. Good for the checkbook. Not so good for the state of our house (can we say dust bunnies as big as house cats, boys and girls?).

I've been in the daycare for four days now. I only sub in the infant room. Sure they cry and poop and sometimes spit up, but they don't talk back yet. And they still like to cuddle. And they smell good. Except when they poop or spit up, but overall, they're just nice.

**WARNING** - Proud Mom moment ahead:

The almost-9-year-old started basketball at the Y on Saturday. He rocked. 10 points. He beat the other team all by himself. (The final score was 22-8.) He came home and trash talked his varsity-playing sister ("I bet you never got 10 points in a game, huh?"). Must work on the concept of humility with him pronto.

Rob and I are getting ready to go out for a pre-pre-Valentine's dinner. There are a few reasons for this. Number one, we are forecast to have snow and ice for the next two evenings, so a pre- or actual Valentine's dinner is wonky. Second, we hate the Valentine's dinner crowds. Which will probably be non-existent if the weather does what it is threatening to do. But as romantic as I like to be, risking life and limb on icy roads just to celebrate a highly-commercialized H@llmark holiday is not my idea of fun.

Okay, I am boring myself.


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