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I did something today that I have wanted to do for a long time but just never got around to it.

I gave blood.

About two weeks ago, Kaytlin came home with a form saying that her school was having a blood drive. She needed it signed whether you were going to go to the drive or not, for extra credit or some such nonsense like that.

I look at the paper, looked at the date and said, "I am going to give blood this time."

The drive started at 4PM, or so the paper said. I got there about 5 after. The sign on the door said, "3:30 PM - 8:00 PM". No biggie, right?


The powers that be planned for 50 donors. They had already seen almost 50 by the time I got there.

So, major backlog.

And rather than giving us numbers, we got to play a musical chairs game of sorts, scootching from chair to chair at several stations as donors were ushered to the next phase.

We even got scolded once by a Middle School teacher. "Please fill in all the chairs so that the people behind have a place to sit." The guy next to me leaned over and whispered, "They caught us."

Only when we complied, and turned around to observe the wave of folks that were surely waiting, there wasn't a single person waiting to fill up the empty chairs.


I guess it is just that "You are at school. You must follow the rules. No exceptions. And don't give me no lip about it either!" thing.

Major default mode.

So, we got a bit of exercise while we waited to do our civic duty.

When I was finally firmly planted on one of the blue lounge chairs (think pool deck) and the phlebotimist was ready to poke me with that big ole needle, I said, "I am not going to look."

"Really?" he said, "Me neither."

Heh, real funny, mister.

He shared with me how he never thought giving blood was that important till his brother need 13 pints after a car wreck.

THIRTEEN PINTS. That is about as much as a 220 lb man has in him. I probably have about nine pints based on my weight.

We really are talking life or death stuff here.

So, here's my community service anouncement for the week. Be a blood donor. It could save a life.

And they may just have Famous Amos cookies at the end of your vein-drain.

Got blood? Get cookies.

Where do I sign up, huh?

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