Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2003 || Gazing from afar

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On Tuesdays, I take Rob to and from work. With only one vehicle, we have to be flexible, and since Parker is in school in the mornings and gets out before he gets off, I am the designated Tuesday chauffeur.

Generally I am running usual (which means late) picking him up. Today I had to drop off a birthday snack for Kaytlin’s school first, so I actually got there a bit early.

I pulled into a parking spot facing the front door of the store, yet a little bit away, only to notice Rob helping a lady carry her new computer and various equipment out to her car. He didn’t see me pull up so I just waited and observed him helping her.

Holding the door for her even though he was the one whose hands were full.

Making sure that everything was placed carefully in the back seat, smiling at her kindly as she talked.

I sat and watched. He had no idea I was there. And as I watched him, I realized that this man who I have spent over 14 years with can still make my heart beat funny.

That he is more attractive to me than he was the first day I laid eyes upon him, some 15 plus years ago.

That I am very blessed that he is mine and I am his…

Then I watched him walked back into the store and thought…

“Cute butt!”

(One can only hope he has the wangitude of Marn's honey in 16 years!)

~ ~ ~

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