Tuesday, Apr. 30, 2002 || It had to be fixed...fixed, I tell you!

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The euphoria of game #2 in the Pee Wee Soccer league is over. Yes, my friends, the kids got creamed this week.

I think I lost count around 8 to 0. And that was only halfway into the first half. By the break, our little ones were, well, being stomped, by an all-male, mutant, four-year-old team. My question: how did a coed league end up with a team of all boys, and tall, almost 5-years-old ones at that, when we have an even split?

Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm."

It was fixed I tell you! It had to be fixed!!

Alas, there was some vindication. Just after the half, Parker scored the first goal for the team. He was ecstatic. I think all the parents were on their feet.

His teammate, Cameron, scored once, and Parker finished the game off for us with one more.

So what if the score was a bizillion to 3? Our little guy scored 2/3rds of those points, and this is one mighty proud mama!

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