Friday, Feb. 11, 2005 || My own version of "The Friday Five"

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I've been doing this on another board for a long time. On Friday's, I post a "share your blessings" thread. You know, the things you are grateful for. Big, small, or just plain fun. What am I thankful for?

It feels so good to take a few moments out of an otherwise busy, and oftentimes stressful, week and think about all the stuff that makes my heart smile.

So, my challenge to you all, loveliest readers: Share at least five things you are thankful for today. Think over the past week - share something that has happened, a gift you received, an encouraging phonecall, something yummy!

It can be the "big" things too - family, friends, God...anything that you can take a step back and say, "Hey, I am really thankful for that."

Here are mine:

1. My job as a substitute teacher. I really do love it. For the friendships that I am making while there. For the encouragement it is to be requested!

2. The ability to have breakfast with my daughter this morning, and seeing a new friend there, who sat with us; it was a really enjoyable meal.

3. Our youngest has come to the place where he has accepted Christ as Savior and Lord of his life.

4. A surprise gift I received in the mail from a friend in another country.

5. My new laptop!

6. I get to sing in one of the praise teams at our church this Sunday. (Oh how I have missed singing!)

7. A surprise invite to an intimate gathering of friends on Sunday afternoon.

8. The ability to pamper myself a little today and get my nails done.

9. for my newest food discovery: honey walnut reduced-fat cream cheese on a plain bagel at P@nera Bread (toasted, of course).

How about it? What are YOU thankful for?

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