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Wow, I really need to try to read diaries more often than once a week. It has taken for-ev-er for me to get caught up today. And it isn't helping me get my house cleaned.

But I miss you all!

I really am enjoying this new phase in my life. I am starting to settle in at work. I often feel like I am making dumb mistakes and asking stupid questions. I hate, hate, hate that we sometimes learn best through mistakes.

Phooey on that.

But it just comes with the territory and it is a great humility check.

Fridays are different in the office. For one, we don't interview potential associates. The day is all about associates picking up their paychecks, chatting with them about where they are placed, trying to fill more job orders, placing the weekly newspaper ad...stuff like that.

I am finding that Fridays also bring out interesting quirks among our little office family. Especially on 80+ degree Fridays when two of us are wearing capris and sandles and it should be Saturday.

* I learned that when the admin assistant was nursing her children, she would freeze surgical gloves full of water so that she could stick them in her bra as if a cool wet hand was cupping her breasts. At least she waited till BossMan was gone for the day before divulging that interesting morsel of information.

* I watched Drama Queen interegate a walk-in prospect. She had the whole overbearing Jewish mama mojo going on which I find incredibly hysterical and endearing at the same time.

* I was subject to a prank call from Boss-man.

Moi: "Thank you for calling R----. This is Nic0le, how may I help you."

BossMan: "You do housekeeping?" (insert heavy Isr@eli accent here, which I didn't recognize as BossMan yet.)

Moi: "Not usually."

Bossman: "You don't?" Then much laughter. "You know who this is?"

Moi: (me finally figuring it out) "Oh, hey."

Bossman: "So, do you do housekeeping? I came home to spend some time with my kids and my housekeeper didn't show up today."

Moi: "Well, I should probably clean my own house first. You want me to put in a job order for you?"

Tonnie got a HUGE kick out of that one. She laughed and laughed, saying, "Bossman pranked called Nic0le! That is too funny!"

I am seeing that I am incredibly fortunate to be working in an office like this one. Even when the stuff is hitting the fan, the overall mood stays upbeat and positive.

And as I watched folks walk in yesterday to get their paychecks, folks whose names I know because I helped place them and they are happy....what a huge kick that is.

I also spent about an hour setting up my email signature in Outl00k. What a pain. But I did it. And now when I send out an e-mail it says my name and then St@ffing Co0rdinator.

Who'd a thunk it? That a no-degree-having gal who wrote resumes for 8 years for a little self-started company would find herself in HR for an up-and-coming staffing company?

I am incredibly blessed.

Now if I could just manage to get the dishes done each night and carve out some treadmill time before passing out in an exhausted heap...

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