Friday, May. 17, 2002 || Friday rant

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Mind if I take some time to rant a bit? Perhaps it is just that I am tired and it is raining, AGAIN (will it ever stop?), but I just want to get some things off my chest, and move on with my day.

So, if you aren't into that kind of thing today, you may not want to read anymore!

Okay. Numero Uno. I have a horrible headache, verging on migraine. Major owweee! I just don't have time for a headache today.

#2. Did I mention that it is raining. Again. Before you know it, it will be time to build an ark! This is what it looks like down by the arch.

See the lights toward the bottom of the picture? That is where the road is. Yup. It is now a fishie highway.

#3. Poison Ivy. Some of you might recall my treadmill fiasco. Last week, about the time the lovely friction burn was all healed up, the woman with the brown thumb (that would be me) decided to weed the front flower bed. In our county, you aren't allowed to put yard waste in with regular trash. We have a creek bed next to our house, surrounded by various foliage. I weeded, traipsed on down the hill with my gardening refuse, and chucked it into said foliage. A few days later, my lovely friction burn swelled and began to itch like mad. You know, the kind of itching that makes you want to tear your skin off. You guessed it: poison ivy. So now I have a nice red bumpy patch surrounded by more bumps on the front of my left ankle. At least it adds some color to my pasty white legs.

#4. Helpless hubbies. If you are unmarried, but plan to one day tie the knot, take this sage advice. No matter how much you love your man, do not pick out his clothes and iron them for him when you are in that blissful honeymoon stage. You are not really doing him a favor. It is not an act of love. It only takes a day or two for men to forget what an iron is and how to use it. Of course, if they are clothing and color coordination challenged, you may want to help with that so that you are not embarrassed in public by his fashion prowess. But let the man iron! It is good for them. Really. Consider it an act of love!

#5. Life in a goldfish bowl. Could folks just assume the best rather than the worst when it comes to something they hear the pastor's wife did or didn't do? Sheesh, people!

Alright already. I think that is enough. You know, I really do feel better! Oh yeah, almost forgot. #6. Getstring is STILL down. And this still annoys me!

Okay, really, that's it. Thanks for listening. Now I think I will jump on my 'mill. Sweat out some more frustration. Man, I better get out of here, before I launch into an "I've-been-exercising-my-bootie-off-for-more-than-ten-weeks-so-why-is-my-butt-still-bigger-than-I-want-it-to-be" rant!


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