Friday, Aug. 08, 2003 || Friday....three?

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Day two with the kitty is going well. He is adorable. He is using his box. He and Bella are barely hissing at one another anymore. He actually slept with us last night.

Will. Not. Get. Attached.

Just in case we should decide to keep the little booger, we have two names currently in the running. Feel free to comment, or even suggest your own.

1. Oreo. His little face is kind of like an oreo. Not sure how I feel about naming a cat after snack food. Don't need any craving fodder.

2. Gary Bob Cat. Okay, okay, I know. Where in the world...? Well, the Gary is for SpongeBob's pet. This cat's meow sounds just like Gary. It is also an absurd name for a cat. I mean, come on, who in their right mind names their cat Gary?

The Bob part has a threefold meaning. First, it sounds all hillbilly-esque along side Gary, and afterall, we do live in the midwest, just one state above *gasp* Arkansas. Number two, it goes with the SpongeBob theme. Finally, the idea of a bobcat is funny because he is so stinkin' tiny, yet he tries to act so fierce, it is comical.

Perhaps that name has a little too much meaning. I am tired just trying to explain it here.

In other news, I payed my $58 school bill only to walk over to the bookstore and pay $347 for 4 books.

Oh, yes, you read that right. Three classes. Four books. Almost $350.

I found two of the books on-line tonight, which will save me about $31. Every penny counts in this gig.

My running has major vacuum tendencies lately. Translation: I have not been running since Monday morning.

Must. Get. Lazy. Butt. Out. Of. Bed. And. To. Track. Tomorrow.

I am sure the raspberry concrete (made with frozen custard) I had this evening isn't exactly helping with the motivation factor either.

Must remember: too much custard equals mega thigh spread.

Man, that kind of sounds like a kinky novelty one might...

*Ahem* Will. Not. Go. There.

I think it's time for bed. My sentence structure has decreased to virtual monosyllabic-ness.

And I am making up words.

Must. Get. Sleep...

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