Friday, May. 24, 2002 || Rainy Friday

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Yup, folks, it's rainy in the midwest, again. And we are in a flood warning, again. At least we went a week with sunny, albeit, cool days. Seems to me May is usually much toastier and drier around here. Our grass is so high, a wild rabbit has built her nest in our yard!

We started a Bible Study on Frienship in our ladies group this week. Twelve ladies attended the first one. We had some really good discussion. One thing we talked about was how it can be so hard to lovingly confront a friend. Not only is it hard to do, but sometimes they don't respond well either. Hence, I think we often choose to just keep our mouths shut.

But that can do more harm than good. I am past the "don't offend them at any cost" stage. Even Christ offended folks at times. One reading of what he called the Pharisees and one can see he confronted when necessary. I think we forget that sometimes. We think of Jesus in light of all the beautiful Romantic era paintings...a gentle, sweet Savior. And He is gentle, and kind, and loving. But he also knew when to tell someone the truth, even if it hurt.

So, that is what is on my mind today. Needing to confront someone, of course, is not license to lambast them. There are times, however, when loving someone means you have to tell them the tough stuff. You have to say, "You know what, you are wrong." But in all things, our motivation must be love.

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