Friday, May. 12, 2006 || A little bit of teenager in all of us

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So, Polly-Esther's entry yesterday about finding an old *friend* on inspired me to do a bit of searching on my own last night. I tried entering the high school I went to till my senior year, but the name wasn't recognized (it no longer exists since they morphed it together with its rival school several years after I graduated). Then I tried looking up Rob's old school - not that I would have recognized any of his friends, but you never know - a name may have seemed familiar.

Then on a whim, I entered his last girlfriend's name (the one he thought he was in love with before me), and voila. What do you know? She has a myspace.

It was pretty surreal.

Though we have no pictures of the two of them together (I destroyed them all within the first few months of our marriage - but cut me some slack, people, I was only 18), I knew it was her immediately. Her profile seemed vaguely immature to me...kind of like - as Jenn said about her find - she still has a high school mentality or she hasn't really evolved much through the years (though I will say that her one and only blog entry was really well written).

That's probably an unfair observation. I never met her. I don't know her. What I *knew* of her was from Rob's description of her and their relationship those many, many years ago. I did know she had a pretty rough childhood - when Rob met her she was a foster child who'd gone from family to family over the years, as so many do. I always felt sorry for her and sort of jealous of her at the same time.

When you fall in love at the ripe old age of 17, it's so easy to be envious of another 17-year-old that was told "I love you" first.

I showed Rob her site. I said, "Well, at least we know she's not dead." (Many years before the rumor was that she was a drug addict.)

"Do you think she is finally happy?" I asked him.


"You don't think she looks happy?"

"You read her stuff. She didn't sound happy to me."

I asked him if he wanted to contact her. He said he didn't think so.

I don't think I'd mind if he did. It's been 18.5 years afterall. We are all so far removed from the drama of the demise of their relationship and the early years of ours.

But I have to admit - it would be kind of weird. This was a person he once thought he'd marry - though he never actually asked her and though the joke has always been that he'd probably be in jail today if he had.

There's still a little bit of teenager in all of us, isn't there?

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