Thursday, Jan. 09, 2003 || Fun with fortunes

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Proceed with caution. The following entry has no real purpose except that it amused me.

Two summers ago, Rob and I attended a conference with about 11 other couples in Arkansas (the part about Arkansas...please don't hold that against me). Each day we took a break for lunch, trying out a different restaurant in town. One of those days we went to a Chinese buffet. When the fortune cookies came out, some of the couples informed us naive ones of a little game they like to play:

Say your fortune out loud, ending the sentence with the phrase "in bed".

This can be quite hysterical when you are in the company of a bunch of Baptist ministers and their wives.

Fast forward to today. Rob, Parker, and I had lunch at a local Chinese buffet. It was quite good, as I find that Chinese buffets usually are. You can probably guess where I am going with this. So, without further ado, here are the fortunes of the day. (I am typing these as written - any typos were accurate to the fortune.)

"With a little more hard work, you creativity takes you to great heights in bed."

"Smile when you are ready in bed."

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