Sunday, Jul. 02, 2006 || For you, my love

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The damp stillness of the air was replaced by a gentle summer breeze for the first time in many days (or so it seemed), and so we wandered out to the deck in the late-day gloaming, warm pizza on flimsy paper plates, chilled wine in my glass, coconut rum-laced soda in his.

We talked as we nibbled. Ah, the lazy contentment of relaxed conversation, the result of time spent...years now...but how could that be when I still see an 18-year-old sitting across from me? And I can't be more than 17 myself, can I?

We recall lessons learned. Lessons still learning. Serious discussion mingled with silly teasing that only we understand. The tension and misunderstanding and anger of the night before has fallen away much as the blue skies and yellow sun are now beyond the horizon.

Sipping. Smiling. Discussing. Laughing. Considering. Flirting. Contemplating.

Stay away, silly mosquitoes! How long before a child comes a-searching? And don't the neighbors know it's not time to start the boom-boom-boom of fireworks?

This is our moment. Moments. Stolen...perhaps. But ours nonetheless.

The drinks and food are eventually gone, but we still linger, finishing each others thoughts. Oh, for more moments like these!

They come at a price, it's true. It is work - even (gasp!) drudgery at times.

But you, my love, are worth it.

~ ~ ~

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