Sunday, Dec. 22, 2002 || Forced entry

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I suppose I should update since it has been like four days now...

The thing is, not that much is really going on, at least not worth writing about.

I mean, what earth-shattering or witty antedote might one relay about scrubbing toilets or getting mauled at Target and Wal-mart whilst one tries desperately to finish Christmas shopping?

See my dilemma?

So, that is basically what my life has consisted of the past four days. Cleaning. Shopping. Cleaning some more. Shopping some more. Aren't you jealous?

This afternoon we had lunch at my favorite restaurant, El Maguey, with some guests and members of our church. The name is Spanish for the plant from which tequila is derived. Our friends affectionately call it "The Monkey". The food is to die for. I can't buy salsa at the grocery store anymore because of this place. So, today after I was pleasantly full from cheese nachos and guacamole, I emptied the ice from Kaytlin's styrofoam cup and scalped all the leftover salsa from the free chips they overload you with - almost 32 ounces worth when all was said and done. Now it sits pristinely in my fridge. Yum, yum, fresh salsa!

See, don't you wish you lived my life? Aren't you glad you can live my life vicariously through this crazy little diary place?

I thought so.

Church was really awesome today. The music rocked (how many times have you heard a Baptist pastor's wife say that?). It is just so cool when God moves and the team is in a groove, and you can just feel His presence. My words can't even describe what it was like! It was good. I am blessed and humbled to be a part of something like that.

We had a few friends over this evening to play Guesstures. It is always fun, especially since the women usually win. It just gives strength to my theory that women are better communicators. My darling spouse is so stinking competitive, that at the point in which a last minute rally from the rougher gender was basically hopeless, he began to maturely chuck starlight mints at Jeanette as she tried to act out her cards.

Yes, he is that mature when it comes to losing a game.

Good thing it is kind of cute, albeit in an annoying sort-of way.

I think I'll keep him a while longer!

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