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“I can’t believe you like football!”

This week I composed a résumé for a truck driver/aspiring personal trainer. You know the type. Big and beefy, heavy on the biceps, light on the brain power.

“Uh, yeah, so I’ve been driving a truck for over 10 years, but I can lift weights, and I’m pretty darn strong. So, you know, write me that resume and make me look good.”

Okay, whatever.

Actually, I was able to wordsmith my way into what is actually a pretty nice résumé considering the plethora of information he did not give me.

But I digress. Football. I tend to make small talk with new clients. It puts everybody at ease, and you know, it’s just a nice thing to do before you begin bombarding them with 100 questions concerning their work history. This was Tuesday, so the recent loss to the Rams of Warner and their 4th game, as well as the Ravens’ surprise win over the Broncos was easy chit-chat fodder.

And as we chatted up the Rams, Ravens, and our views of various other teams and poor coaching, that was when he said it.

“I can’t believe you like football!”

Now, I have to admit. I don’t know a lot about football. I understand the basics of the game, but I get lost in all the positions and all those little X’s and O’s. I don’t know a fullback from a baby back. What I do know is that I am becoming addicted to this sport.

On Sundays and Mondays I scan for current news and reports (okay, okay, so its not just on Sundays and Mondays – sheesh!). I will actually sit through an entire game, only leaving at commercials, even turning the TV on in Rob’s office if I need to be in the kitchen, since I can hear it from there.

This newfound love is cause for humor among my family and friends. I am not only a fan, I have already formed very distinct opinions about who I like and do not like. Of course, the Ravens are my favorite, followed closely behind by the Rams. I still have a slight fondness for the Redskins, and I am developing a penchant for the Chargers and Panthers.

I DO NOT like the Raiders, the Cowboys, the Steelers, the Bucs, the 49ers, or the Colts (traitors!). I especially loathe the Chiefs.

I also talk and even yell at the screen. I jump up and down. I clap. Loudly. I squeal. I groan. “C’mon y’all!!” is the most popular encouragement I hurl at the screen. Even my kids laugh at me, imitating how I might yell, “YES!!! GO! GO! GO!.....NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!” Our church has been known to schedule Monday Night Football get-togethers when the Ravens play so they can see me bounce around the room. My best friend and her son witnessed me running and jumping off of furniture on Super Bowl Sunday while they gaped and giggled.

Monday night I was forced to choose between Monday Night Football with the Ravens and my husband taking me out on a date.

Yes, I chose the date. Puh-leese.

Of course, I had the game on until we left. The Broncos were up 3 when the sitters arrived at 8:30 PM.

I secretly hoped the restaurant we chose, Max and Erma’s at our local mall, had TVs with the game on, but alas they did not. We enjoyed our meal and the time out, and football was momentarily forgotten.

As we left, we passed the bar. Of course, the bar had TVs. And they had the game on. As we passed by and out the door, I stopped. “Wait a minute. I’m gonna see if I can see the score from here.” I walked up to the window, peering in like a kid window-shopping at Christmas.

“THEY’RE WINNING! THE RAVENS ARE WINNING! WOO! YESSSSSS!!!” I screamed, jumping up and down.

It’s a good thing the mall was closed and witnesses to my outburst were very few.

I suppose it’s also a good thing Rob just thought I was cute and not mental hospital fodder.

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