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I am learning a lot as a substitute teacher, not the least of which is that all important f-word.


On Monday night, I accepted a two-day assignment in an 8th grade math class. I got there nice and early Tuesday morning, checked in, and made my way down to go over the lesson plans. Just about the time I was going to head to the resource area and make copies, T, one of the permanent subs, walked in.

"Hey, Ms. M has been out a lot this year and I have been subbing for her, so I am going to be in here, and you are going to Ms. W's 6th grade class."

Okay, no biggie. I'd been to her class before. She was Kay's teacher last year. Her lesson plans are meticulous and easy to follow.

Easy-peasie, save some immaturity issues at the 6th grade level.

Since that was a one-day assignment, and I was in the system for 2 days, they told me to return Wednesday and they would place me in another class.

On Tuesday, they sent me to Kay's math teacher's room. Her team is in block schedule, so she didn't have it that day. When we got to Mr. M's room, I noticed that he was going to be gone for two days.

One of the wonderful things about 7th grade is that the first 2 hours of the day are planning hours. So, I went down to the office after the announcements and let them know that I could sub on Thursday for Mr. M too.

"Oh, J's in there tomorrow."

You see, I was in the system, technically, for a two-day assignment. So, they put J in Mr. M's for the two days, BUT they sent him to PE the first day of it and me to Mr. M.

Are you confused yet?

K@ytlin begged and begged for me to go back to Mr. M's class.

"Please, mom, that other sub doesn't have a clue!"

I told her it was up to them. J is a permanent sub, so he has preference. All I could do was let them know that I would be available Thursday too.

No jobs came up online Wed. night, but I got myself together yesterday morning anyway. At about 8:40, I received a call to come in.

The kids start arriving at 8:45.

Sooooooo, I threw a lunch together, grabbed my bag, gulped down as much coffee as I could in under-30-seconds, and got to the school at about 8:55.

"You are going to Mr. M-G's 6th grade class," they told me in the office.

I hurried to the 6th grade wing to find J, the sub slated for Mr. M's class, in the hall.

"Hey," he said, "We didn't know what time someone would get here since the call came in late, so I am going to do this class. You are going to go to Mr. M's; is that okay?"

"Sure. I was there yesterday. I know what they are doing."

"OH YEAH! Great!"

So, Kay's prayers were answered, and I ended up in Mr. M's class afterall.

Though if you looked in the system, that is not where I was.

Still with me?

When I got home last night, one of the assistant administrators called.

"I know you are in the system for a halfday tomorrow (I'd accepted that assignment a few days earlier), but can you come in for the full day?"

"Wellll...." I said. "I'd really prefer the half-day."

"Well, alright, I guess you can do that," he teased.

"But if you just can't make it work, and you really need me the full day, I can come in. Just call me and let me know."

I didn't hear anything, so I took my time getting ready this morning. I didn't have to be in until 10:30 AM, woohoo!!

At 8:30, the call came.

"Mrs. L, this is Joey at B@yside, we need you to come in right away!"

"Okay, I have to get myself together, and..."

"Oh, we don't care what you look like, just get here."

So, I rush through the morning routine and somehow arrived at the school at 8:50 AM. They tell me to go to Mr. R's Special Ed class until my scheduled 10:30 assignment, a 7th grade social studies class.

At about 9:30, K@ytlin's science teacher comes to the room.

"We need you in Mr. M's class again today. We don't know why he didn't come in, we don't have any plans for his class, and we figured you'd know where the class is since you've been in there the past 2 days."


I finish reviewing spelling words with the SE class, then head to Mr. M's yet again, this time to actually plan for two two-hour classes.

Breathe, Nicole, breathe.

All in all, I think it went okay. Another math teacher popped in and gave me some ideas for the second class.

Through the day, I was tempted to mutter, "I am not really a teacher, I just play one on TV."

Next week I can only sub one day. And I've already been requested.

It feels kind of good to be in demand. And I do love teaching. I am even beginning to think that teaching middle school is what I should be doing.

I know, I know. I either have a fever or I need some drugs.

Who actually wants to be a middle school teacher?!

~ ~ ~

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