Monday, Mar. 12, 2007 || Fit to be tied, or something like that

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Fit to be tied is probably an understatement...

I don't have time to get into details, but our daughter has had issues with a child at her school, and it has escalated to a point where this child and her ex-boyfriend have accused our daughter of some awful things - which are totally unfounded! The child's mother even had the police come to the school to file a report (of course, the accusations could not be substantiated). She did this to another child last week (accusation, police, the whole nine yards). This girl has had a lot of issues this year with a lot of different students.

We are contemplating a defamation of character/libel lawsuit. There is a meeting at 2 PM tomorrow with the school administrator, our pastor, the child's mother, and Rob.

Please pray if you are so inclined - I go from being very angry at to profoundly sad for this child and her mother, not to mention the young man who is not even supposed to be around this girl because of her influence on him - and yet they come together to accuse our daughter. Now, The Daughter is not an angel, but this has gone WAY too far.

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