Friday, Dec. 23, 2005 || Sum-up in a sentence or less...

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Neat idea for entry found via my sistah's diary:

2005 in 12 journal sentences

January: "When the name of one's town has the word BEACH in it, it should not be this cold."

February: "...don't you wish your Friday night consisted of watching a little ball of fur throwing vitamin supplement wrappers around the house?"

March: "Well, I was going to tell you how much I believe in you, but considering there's a Ci@lis commercial on right now, I didn't want you to misunderstand what I was talking about."

April: "In a few short minutes, I was asking myself, "who are you, and what did you do with the buttheads?""

May: "But time and circumstance, a skinned knee or two, and a few broken hearts later have a way of teaching you that the more you know, the less you really know."

June: "Words you never imagine hearing another woman say to your husband: "Is your penis still numb?""

Okay, so you are going to have to wait for the next 6 months - that same hubby is telling me it's time to go to Home Depot.

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