Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2004 || First Day

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First day down.

Hopefully many more to come.

I really, really liked it. The atmosphere is upbeat even when things are going crazy. I get to meet new people, talk to them, make assessments. It is fast-paced, but not in that crazy-you-can't-get-anything-done way that would drive me bonkers.

I think it went well. I came out of there feeling really good about things. I even cancelled an interview I had set up with the school district, for a position that may have paid more.

Of course I always second guess myself later. "Did they notice me watching the clock around the time school let out and did they misunderstand that for boredom?... Did Sass think I blew the pre-app interview she let me do?... Was I assertive enough without coming on to strong?... I can't believe I left the notebook with all my notes there..." You know the drill.

But, this is an extension of what I did with my resume service, only without the tension of writing the resumes. And they let me fill out all the paperwork.

Speaking of resumes, there are some real doozies out there.

Oh, and people too.

One woman must have called 6 times in 10 minutes. She was trying to get Sass (name changed to protect the innocent, ha), my trainer, to answer. But Sass was on to it, so everyone but Sass answered the phone. The crazy woman just wouldn't listen to an-y-one.

It is a diverse office too. The admin assistant, who I will call Tonnie, is, I believe, a Jehovah Witness. Sass, not sure. Boss-man is Jewish. Tonnie was a bit irritated that corporate sent Boss-man a gift basket with only one kosher item in it. "You'd think after 5 years they would know you!" she exclaimed.

Oh, and then there is the sales rep, heretofore referred to as the Drama Queen (or DQ for short). She cracks me up. High energy and very expressive. She reminds me of my husband's late grandma, which is a good thing; I just loved that woman.

So, back to it at 8:30 AM tomorrow. Hopefully they will have a username and password set up for me so I can get to know the tracking system they use. That will also tell me how serious they are about me being a part of the company.

And Parker did great. He likes daycare. It was a lot tougher on me, and I have to admit, I almost cried coming out of the parking lot. As much as I enjoyed this, it is so different from anything I have had to do since having kids.

I am officially whooped and 5 AM comes ve-wy, ve-wy early.

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