Wednesday, May. 19, 2004 || Finally learning

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Tomorrow is my 90-day review. I compiled all of my research, and I am as ready as I will ever be to present my concerns and thoughts.

If he won't give at all, I will turn in a resignation letter on Monday.

I have about had my fill. The pager went off at 1:18 AM this morning. Woke me up out of a dead sleep. It was the emergency line. So, of course, I had to listen to it.

And what did I hear?

"Hello, this is G--- C----, I am calling to let you know that I am available for work...."

Oh, man, I was not happy!

Of course, a call I should have gotten didn't come through on the pager, one I could have handled last night.


The sales rep wished me good luck on the review and told me to shoot high so I get what I want. She said BossMan is "cheap".

In other news, the company Rob has been contracted to work with wants him to move to another position. They are dangling the carrot of springboarding to permanent with the company from the new position, but they are located in Pennsylv@ni@. Relocating - again - is just not an option for us right now.

He will work with a guy for the next few days to see if he is a fit for this position. We aren't sure the compensation will be as good as with the test driving - the driving position is a lot of miles, but he gets compensated for it, which makes his average hourly rate quite high.

So, we are praying about all of that. With his current position, I really don't have to work. Which gives me some negotiating power. With this new gig, we are just not sure it will be enough. They did say he can continue to test drive. But, could that make him seem "not a team player"...? I know he will be very up front with them about what he is making now - he already told them it would have to be worth his while to change positions.

I do know if nothing else, no matter what happens tomorrow, I am going to resign at the latest in July, and I am just going to have to trust that God has control of all the details.

Easier said than done, but I think I am finally learning.

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