Sunday, Feb. 12, 2006 || Butt-ton o' white stuff

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Over a foot o' white stuff.

$20 bucks later, and our driveway and sidewalk will be cleared, so yay to that! These guys have one of those mini plow/blower thingies that is making it light, quick, and easy work.

Church services were cancelled, so we had another sleep-in day, which was quite lovely, I might add. We are supposed to have a staff meeting tonight, but I haven't heard if it's still a go. It's not for another 6.5 hours and the snow has stopped, so maybe. They've already plowed our road once, and the snow is the wet, drippy kind, so I guess as long as they can get the stuff off the streets, things shouldn't be too bad tonight or tomorrow morning.

And for the record, to those who may think that my little wish is the cause of this deluge, I wanted just enough to cover the grass, not the butt-ton that is currently piled on the deck, et al.

And that's all I have to say about that.

I made pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes just seem right for a snowy morning. I have no idea why. Maybe it's just the idea of some warm, sweet carbs to fill their tummies before sending the kiddos out to traipse about in that white stuff.

Now I am trying to locate some footwear and gloves for the littlest one. We haven't lived in a snow zone in quite a while, hence we haven't invested in such attire in a blue moon.

Ah, just got the call about the meeting. It's moved up to 4 PM, which means we will have time to play Texas Hold 'Em.

Yeah, our church staff plays poker. Actually, that's how I learned to play. And my Rob is a bluffer like nobody's business. Oh, and he cheats sometimes too.

At least we don't play for money.


Hmmmm. I think I'll go and take a nice warm bath in our jet tub. Would you believe I have yet to try it out, and we've lived here over 5 months now?

Maybe it will help me get rid of the slight headache I got when a computer box fell on my head when I opened the door to the closet my lovely hubby packed full.

(And for the record, I think that throwing said box toward the general vicinity of said husband is perfectly acceptable behavior, don't you?)

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