Saturday, May. 25, 2002 || Favorite things

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Not much going on around here to bore you with, so thought I'd list 20 of my favorite things. (Humming with Julie Andrews...)

1. Painted toenails

2. Kids' giggles, especially my own children's

3. Coffee with flavored creamer first thing in the morning

4. Cheese nachos with guacamole at my favorite restaurant

5. Watching Steel Magnolias, again (it always makes me laugh AND cry).

6. Champagne colored roses

7. When a family member not only takes out the trash but replaces the bag!

8. Sno-Caps (the colder the better) with popcorn while watching a movie with my honey

9. Scented candles (especially Yankee brand)

10. The beach

11. Learning something new in my quiet time

12. Waking up to the sound of rain

13. Reading a really good book

14. Late night drives with the kids asleep so that Rob and I can talk

15. Steamed crabs (not to mention Janie's incredibly scrumptious crab cakes)!

16. Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

17. Singing

18. Toe rings

19. The color red

20. Giggle fits with my sisters and/or best friend

So, how about you?

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