Friday, Oct. 24, 2003 || Could we just fast-forward about 8 weeks?

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I feel totally useless because thus far, Rob has done most, if not all of the de-cluttering and packing because I just haven't had the time to pitch in. He tells me it's okay - this is what he does (he worked for a moving company before he joined the military and the man knows how to pack a house!), but I still feel guilty.

My mama trained me well.

Speaking of my mom, she sent me a lovely card with an even lovelier apology. The interesting thing is, it came right after we made our decision to follow our hearts and move back across the country. I try not to take everything as a "sign", but this just floored me. I don't think the timing was mere coincidence.

One thing Rob said to me in VA as we contemplated the move was, "It will be good to be closer to your family so that you can continue working through the stuff you've been working through."

The card was waiting for me when we returned.

I saw a sign at McDonald's, of all places, last night that said, "Life is always on the spin cycle". It was toting their McFlurries, but to me, it was a snapshot of my life right now.

I should be packing and cleaning, but instead I have a retreat this weekend (gosh, I know it is going to be great, but there is so much I should be doing here!) and a butt-ton of algebra homework (exponents are kicking my hiney).

I have the possibility of a part-time job as an administrative assistant. I am seriously contemplating giving the résumé thing a rest (I have been writing résumés for 8 years now). I enjoy it, but I am a bit burned out. And let me just say that it is so much harder to write your own résumé! I had to do that for this AA job; in all the years I have been composing these things for other people, I have never written my own. I think it turned out well, and Rob gushed over it, but man, oh, man, it took me a bit to get into a groove with that one!

The only "bad" thing about taking a 30-hour per week job is that I will probably have to drop to part-time for school. But, given all the settling in, that might not be such a bad thing.

We are seriously thinking we are going to have to rent at first. Half of our stuff may just end up in storage in the interim.

How can one apply for a loan without solid employment, eh?

We are also trying to work out a house-hunting/job hunting trip. But with kids in school and me in school, it is tough to plan.

Ack! I know things are going to work out, and it is amazing how much already has, but the anxiety is still present, nonetheless.

Rob says I am just too high-strung.

Phooey on him! We just have different ways of dealing with stress.

I rant and rave and wring my hands. He plays America's Army.

Could we just fast-forward about 8 weeks?

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