Friday, Jun. 07, 2002 || On edge and the mind of the young

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Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel...

On edge?

No real reason why, that you can pinpoint, you just overall feel out-of-sorts. That's me today. And you know, it isn't even that time of the month! What is my deal anyway?

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I do have a story to share about our youngest, Parker.

Every parent tends to think their child/children are brilliant. At least initially. And all three of our kids are smart little boogers. They have their times too, and their struggles. Kaytlin loves creative writing and making up plays, and she always does well in Language Arts. She does not, however, excel in Math. Nathan, on the other hand, scored in the 97th percentile in Math on his achievement testing this year. But he hates creative writing and has a hard time sitting still and coming up with something purely from his imagination. He is very analytical and literal. Kaytlin is fanciful, a dreamer.

Parker is just four, so the jury is still out on alot of his tendencies. He does have a vivid imagination and loves to get a laugh, to perform. I often say that he will be either an actor or a pastor when he grows up.

One thing that he has been doing lately is amaze us with his memory. I hesitate to state that it is photographic, but sometimes I wonder.

This kid remembers the vehicles that people drive after one look at them. A good friend of ours works at a local restaurant and we decided to have lunch there. We pulled into the parking lot and Parker said, "Is Miss Jeanette working?"

"I don't know, but I think so," I said.

As we walked to the front of the building, Parker exclaimed, "There's her truck! She IS here! I TOLD you!!"

Sure enough when we looked in the direction of his vigorous pointing, we saw her truck. It was across the parking lot, surrounded by other vehicles.

Last night I had Bible Study here at the house. Two of the women arrived early and parked in the driveway, remaining in the car to chat a bit before coming to the door. Parker went to the door and said, "Someone's here."

"I know."

"That's Alex's car. Alex's mom's here," he said, matter-of-factly.

And he was right. Again.

This morning he asked what day it was. He wanted to see on the calendar. Rob picked him up and pointed to the date on the page. He began to trace his finger along each week.

"OK. We have to go here....and here....and here..." he chanted as he traced through each week on the calendar, turning the page and continuing until he landed on July 28th.

"That's when we go to MeeMee's house!"

There was absolutely nothing on the calendar, on that date, but the number. And Parker does not read, yet. And he does not know all of his numbers. There is no special marking to indicate that July 28th is any different than any other day.

But he was absolutely right! That is the day we leave for vacation, and we are going to see his MeeMee.

Rob and I looked at each other and shook our heads. Parker trotted off.

"How did he know that?" I asked.

Rob admitted to showing him one time a few days ago.

One time. A place on the calendar that looks no different than any other.

Maybe it doesn't take much to impress me, but I was impressed.

How a kid with that kind of memory could come from two parents who can hardly ever find their sunglasses or car keys boggles my mind.

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