Monday, Jun. 07, 2004 || Down to earth. Literally.

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So, today was the first day of my once-again-work-free life.

Heh, who am I kidding? Re-taking the wilderness that has become this house and yard is not for the faint of heart!

I got my butt back into exercise mode and walked/jogged 1.5 miles on the treadmill. After Parker was off to school, I took a 2-mile bike ride.

Then it was off to St@rbuck’s, Wal-m@rt, and Home Dep0t. Let me just say that I hate the W@l-mart closest to our home. They recently converted it to a Super Center, which I thought would be great. But the people are rude, there are never enough lines open, it is always crowded, and today I found out that they only price match what they want to price match based on some rule they personally made up, and they have nothing posted of such rules. Oh, and did I mention that I ended up in a line with a new checker who cancelled out my debit card scan no less than three times before figuring out how to complete the transaction?

Yeah, I hate that place.

Phooey on them, I will go to the nicer one a few miles farther away. I will just have to hold my breath when I walk through the door – there is a real, live Krispy Kr3me right at the front. And, yes, they make the donuts there. And, yes, they smell just as good as they always do. And, yes, it is extremely difficult for me to walk out of there without some donuts for… the kids. Yeah, the kids. The kids love Krispy Kr3me.

Getting back to my afternoon running about, next stop was Home Dep0t for gardening supplies. Yes, I decided to try to channel my inner Marn and do something with dirt and green things in our front yard. This little piece of land is a mess. The lawn is awful, but we really can’t do anything about that until seed time in the fall. But I figured I could dig out a flower bed around two stray azalea bushes in the middle of a mound of dirt, grass and weeds bordered by the sidewalk, driveway, and front patio.

First I really needed to mow. We have one of those mowers that says, “Easy start! Pump three times, and it starts every time!”

They forgot a zero. I kid you not, I pumped that start button and yanked on the pull start no less than 30 times before it sputtered to life, and I have the aching triceps to prove it.

Once the weeds were mowed down to a manageable level again, I started pulling and picking and raking and digging out that bed. Did I mention that it is twice the size my mind’s eye recalled it to be while at Home Dep0t picking out flowers? I tell you what, gardening is a lot of work! I ache all over, especially my hands and lower back. I wore gloves, of course, but the muscles or ligaments or something in my hands actually ache!

I am comforting myself with the lofty thought that this gardening gig is going to assist in the overall “get the booty back in shape because the cottage cheese look is not ‘in’ this summer”.

Once the bed was ready, I realized I would need a few more perennials and more top soil, so I traipsed back to Home Dep0t and snagged 6 $.99 pots to go with the crew I purchased earlier in the day.

I managed to get two larger daisy-type plants in the ground. They look like Black-eyed Susans to me, but I think the tag said something else. The other pots are sitting daintily upon the spots I will transplant them to tomorrow. Dark purplish-blue petunias and white impatiens.

I am a simple girl.

I also bought a big planter-pot and transplanted a hanging pot full of bright red petunias. It is sitting pristinely by the front door. Adds a nice splash of color. I love red.

The garden folks at the Depot showed me a flowering plant that will spread out a bunch to cover ground. It flowers in all different shades and hues. Not sure of the name…I am a flower dolt! I will put those in the other bed that borders the left front of the house. Thank goodness, that bed is already ready for planting, save some weeding and top soiling.

Hostas were also recommended, but quite frankly, they scare me! I really need to “keep it simple, stupid” when it comes to this gardening gig.

Parker and I picked up a little animal to “plant” in the bed as well. He is quite cute, if I do say so myself. A bit on the eccentric side.

I bought some edging material, but I am taking it back – doesn’t suit my taste. Will try to get some large rocks tomorrow to lie along the front edge to keep the soil from washing away – there is a bit of an incline.

Hmmm. Didn't I say today was going to be a pj day...

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