Sunday, Jan. 04, 2004 || Who would've thunk it?

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I am sitting here in my most favorite pajama bottoms, the ones that some of you may remember my dear Rob trying to catch on fire a spring or two ago...

How can just a year or two seem so long ago?

Anyway, I was thinking about Friday night, the long-awaited "girls' night". After a stressful Friday, Janie and I scooted over to Tara's and caravaned (she in her own vehicle, J and me in J's jeep) to our get-together with Pam, S, Jenn, and Jenn's friend H (hey gals, if you want your name furthered obscured or deleted, LMK).

Let me just say these are some of the most awesome women in the world. I hadn't met J, S, or H before, but it was as if we were all old chums. You know the type of gathering: lots of laughter, talking over one another (though no one seemed to care, which would have drove Rob nuts...he just doesn't understand how us MDers talk!), good food (P's hubby's crab dip and pumpkin rolls truly do rock)... No lack of interesting conversation, that's for certain.

My only complaint about the evening would be that the party poopers were ready to turn in before midnight (love you guys, mean it!) and since I was wheel-less and didn't trust J's jeep (hey, it didn't run for like a week when we first got into town), I went on "home".

So, to my d-land friends, new and not-as-new, but just as precious:

P, thanks for bringing together such a cool group and allowing me to be a part of it. Each time I see you, it is like a visit with one of my sisters. You truly are what those of the state of our most recent domocile would call "good folk"! Thanks for making me laugh and for always making me feel at home.

S, I am so glad to have met you! I immediately added you to my bud-list (can't believe I hadn't sooner). H-T sounds much like good old MO; I loved hearing your stories about life there and you and P's antics. One of these days, I will brave that little family place you and P are always talking about.

And J, what can I say? You are just as beautiful, strong, funny, and warm as your diary suggests. Thank you for the soap, and if it is the same stuff S was talking about in her journal, I am sure I will be ordering some too! And one of these days I am going to take you up on that soup, brownies, and chick flick movie (shoot, I may even be bold enough to have a glass of red wine as well!). Oh - and please remind H that she simply must get herself a journal here!

You all are amazing women, and I am so happy to know you. Who would have thunk that what I thought would be a fun little place to record my thoughts and funny little stories would bring the blessing of such wonderful friends into my life? You all accept me for who I am, and having gone through 4 years of "life in a fishbowl", I do not take that lightly! You all are the best.

Mucho hugs, dear ones.

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