Tuesday, May. 20, 2003 || Simple diversions

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I decided to update our budget spreadsheet today.

Hey, itís only been since early November that I last worked on it.

Just call me the Queen of Procrastination.

I believe my sisters and I should each be queens in our own rights. You have to self-crown yourself, however. Janie is the undisputed Queen of Useless Information in our family. Need to remember some lyrics to an obscure 80ís tune from a one-song wonder, sheís your gal.

Speaking of 80ís songs, I had some fun yesterday downloading two little diddies to my new phone. Call me and I will be serenaded with 99 Luftballoons. I also have Girls Just Wanna Have Fun from the hair-band era for when I get bored with my current choice. And I just couldnít resist grabbing Sweet Home Alabama, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and the theme to The Monkees (arenít you jealous, Janie?).

Back to my thoughts on queen-dom, Marlen - oh, and Tara letís not forget you, our honorary sister Ė you have to come up with your own royal title, oh-kay. I have some thoughts of my own, but letís see how creative you can be!

So, life continues to buzz along at a frenetic pace, which gives me the irresistible urge to just take a nap.

I was going to go back to the college today to take my math assessment, but chose to tackle the over-due Excel spreadsheet work rather than trying to remember algebraic equations I havenít looked at since 1987. The good news, however, is that a friend lent me her College Algebra book so I can brush up on my xís and yís.

Can you say par-tay, boys and girls?

Perhaps I am too old for all this messÖ?

I sort of hold my breath each time the phone rings, awaiting what I do not want to hear but what I do want to hear from the east coast. This is such a difficult time for the family, especially my cousins and uncle. I feel pretty powerless being so far away.

So, I pray. That is the best gift I can give them, anyway.

I donít say a lot about my running here since I have my running log for those details, but I am trekking along pretty well. I opted for my rest day yesterday so I could go with my honey to see Matrix Reloaded. I am probably the only person who hasnít seen the first one all the way through. I couldnít quite get past the whole people-in-the-pod-like-embryo things. So, on the way, Rob gave me a crash course on the first flick. I must say, I really enjoyed this one. I guess I am going to have to watch the first one now.

Back to running, I had to use my Ďmill tonight to get my three miles in and Oh. My. Goodness. I sweat like a lemonade glass on a Louisiana back porch! But, I got the miles in. I definitely prefer the track, at least this time of the year.

And so it goes. Life, or something like it. Goes on. Day-to-day routine with thoughts of the eternal nipping at the back of my brain as a dear one begins that passage from now to then.

Somehow 80ís songs, blockbuster movies, and miles of track seem soÖsoÖinconsequential.

Simple diversions as we wait.

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