Friday, Oct. 22, 2004 || Not that you asked...

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So , what's going on in the life of Nacwolin?

Not that you asked or anything, but, you know...

1. The LCD on my laptop died today. Black screen, nada, zip, no play-ee play-ee.


This summer it was doing some weird stuff, but it hadn't had an episode in two months. So, now I have this mondo 17 inch res-that-is-hurting-my-eyes monitor sitting on my desk, hooked up to said traitor laptop until I get a new one. Which is both good and bad. Fun to get a new laptop, but gosh do I ever hate the chore of getting things "back to normal".

Perhaps this is a hint that it's just simply time for a clean sweep in my life.

2. Kaytlin will be running in the 1600 meter relay in the city-wide meet in November.

We were told at the beginning of the year that only the "superstars" and the relay teams would compete in this meet. Each school generally only has one relay team, so it's a given they will go.

But, the thing is, Kaytlin didn't start out running in this relay. Three meets ago, about halfway through the season, they put her on an "exhibition team", an extra team running the relay to see how they would do.

She was moved to the main team after that.

The last meet she ran first leg and had a great lead. She is fast. 65 seconds around that track. To put it in perspective, the world record is just under 48 seconds for the women's 400 meter. She is in the 7th grade.

I love watching her run.

Oh, and she finished third in the 800 again, with a personal best of 2:51.

3. I joined the ensemble at our church. We had our first practice last night. Fun group of people. I am singing alto, which is a bit of a change for me, but I like it. The songs are too high for me to sing soprano. I've never really been a soprano anyone, more like a second soprano.

My sister's ex-fiance is in the group. He annoyed me to no end back in the day, but now he is mostly just a funny, quirky guy. Except he has this cheesy hairy lip thing going; I think he is trying to look more pastoral, since he has been applying for ministry positions at various churches. Not sure it's working (the mustache thing), but hey, to each his own.

At least it is an approvement from the gotee look that made him resemble a lepracaun.

4. Rob actually gets to come home tomorrow because he was supposed to go to a market here in VA on Monday. It is sounding like he is going to be heading to AL instead, but hey, at least he gets to be here for a night or two.

There has been more talk of a relocation. This time I am finding that I am not as adamantly opposed to it. One has to wonder, when the only permanent job that is presenting itself is in another state, perhaps that is God's will.

Don't get me wrong; not a one of us wants to move. But when it comes down to it, if it means we have Rob home every evening, it will be worth it for our family.

It will be interesting to see how God leads. He doesn't tend to give us a lot of notice (i.e., moving from MO to VA in 12 weeks!).

5. I have ulcer that never ends in my mouth. It is in the same exact spot, just inside and below my bottom lip. It puffs up to a small blister, goes away for a few days, and then comes back.

It doesn't hurt. Mostly it is just annoying.

6. I go to "guest teacher" orientation on Monday. Should be interesting. Actually, I am looking forward to it. It will be nice to bring in a little fun money.

7. I met two women from another board I am on at Paner@ Bre@ad on Wednesday. Just like those I have met from d-land, it was as if we'd known one another for years and we talked nonstop for the entire two hours.

It's just hard to beat warm soup, a yummy sandwich, and good conversation on a gray, drizzly fall day

8. Parker and Nathan are both doing well in school. Nathan is determined he is going to run track next year with his sister. He is also really starting to pick out some tunes on that violin. He has always had a musical ear.

Parker is a budding writer, I think. He makes up stories complete with illustrations. His latest one he called, "The Lost Boy".

In the hard copy, his spelling leaves something to be desired, but here it is, edited:

Is the boy here?
Where could he be?
Where is the boy?
Is he in the woods?
Let's look in the mall.
Maybe he's in space.
We lost him.
I give up.
I don't know.
Probably he is in Mars.
I think he is in Pluto.
I finally found you.

We might just have something, ya think?

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