Tuesday, Mar. 06, 2007 || A day off. Well, sort of.

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I didn't have to sub today, which feels totally weird. I've been at the school or daycare every day they have been open for about a month now, save the two days I had to call out due to strep.

Of course, moms/wives don't really have days off, now do we, girls? So, how have I been spending my time today?

I've run a few errands. I completed and submitted another article to Associated Content (Oh, and guess what? They accepted the resubmission of my first devotional article, so woo-hoo to that). I filled and turned on the dishwasher. I drank some really strong coffee. I've read blogs and various other fun stuff on-line. And I've eaten lunch. Oh, and I put chicken in the crock pot so I can't have the "I forgot to take something out of the freezer; can we go out to eat?" excuse when 5:30 rolls around (hubby will be pleased).

I feel so discombobulated being home during this time of the day with no kiddos (actually, K is zonked out in bed; she has the stomach flu) that I had to make a list of things to do so I don't waste the entire day on the computer. Which is totally tempting.

Sometimes I feel like I get more stuff done when I worked that day. Sometimes not. I guess it is about 50/50. But today I really have no excuse not to make my bed, eh?

In other news, Rob and I did a few home improvement things this weekend. I hung new curtains in the living room and dining room, and he hung new light fixtures in the entry way and hallway. We also cleaned up the laundry/storage room. We put up shelves and sorted the boxes. We didn't actually go through any of them, but they are now neatly stacked on shelves. The sorting will be for another day and time. Oh, and we put shelves up in the closet in the rec room (room where the kids' computers, playstation, and toys are), and then K organized it.

She did a fabulous job, I might add. Which means she has absolutely no reason to hide used kitchen utensils in her bedroom drawers (she totally gets that from her auntie).

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