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Having allowed over 16 years to pass between Algebra classes, one of the last things one wants to hear from one’s instructor is:

Yeah, you really shouldn’t take a math class once a week at night. It really isn’t a good idea.

To say that I felt a little overwhelmed would be an understatement.

Number two thing you really don’t want to hear your Algebra instructor utter:

You will need to do at least 100 problems between now and the next class. That's the minimum. Did I mention that you should do at least 100 problems? Just checking.

Yeah, she really had the encouragement mojo going tonight.

She is an okay instructor. Perhaps a little, um…er….is it politically incorrect to say that ADD crossed my mind?

Perhaps it was just that her brain was going a lot faster than her mouth and/or hand as she scribbled across the white board.

Are you all tired of my college talk yet?

I also had my Human Biology lab. I believe I heard the instructor mention dissecting a brain.


The fact that she told us in lecture that a brain is roughly the consistency of very lumpy oatmeal so makes me want to dive right into one of those babies.

It may be a very, very long semester.

But speaking of the lab, it was pretty cool so far. Very preliminary. Like “these are the parts of a microscope and this is what they do”.

And we got to look at some of our own cheek cells. I have to admit, that was kind of neat.

So, day two down. I have been to at least one session of all of my classes. I don’t start my fitness class until October. I don’t feel as tired tonight, but I know if I don’t get to bed soon, I will be hating life when I have to get up for my 7:30 AM class.

Perhaps some integer practice will bring on the need for snooze.

Do you think Math teachers fine-tune their teaching methods in Turkish prisons?

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