Tuesday, Jul. 26, 2005 || Are we crazy?!

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NOW we have the real deal – all parties have agreed to and signed the contract!

I take everything to the lawyer tomorrow so the ball can get rolling toward closing, estimated for August 23rd.

There are a few key things I will be praying about over the next few weeks:

1. That the appraisal comes in at the full asking price. Here in this area, it is standard to put in a contingency that the buyer will meet the asking price no matter what the appraisal is (major sellers' market). However, houses are staying on the market for longer than we want ours to in this neighborhood. And quite frankly, the appraisal thing was scaring the buyer and we really want to get this thing sold and be done with it! So, we compromised: we put in an addendum that the buyer will guarantee the sales price unless the appraisal comes in more than a reasonable amount below the sales price (which we did specify). If that happens, we will renegotiate the contract. If we can not come to an agreement, we will release them from the contract, but we will keep their earnest money since we are taking the house off the market and that would mean about 2 weeks “lost”.

2. No damages indicated by the termite and moisture inspection. These would be our responsibility to fix and it is a hassle and expense we'd really love to avoid.

Now, here's the kicker (I think I have already mentioned this, so I apologize for any redundancy)...

Still nothing firm on where will be moving to! Hopefully we will know something the first week in August. And we have to try to find a home and get our kids registered for school, and that may leave only 3, maybe 4, weeks to do that – YIKES!!

It seems almost every time we have made a big move there has been some kind of uncertainty:

-To Springfield - we moved there with no jobs.

- To VA - we were well into the closing process with our home in MO and had no house yet in VA. We did finally find one, but then they pulled the loan on us at the last minute while all of our belongings were in a moving truck and our kids were due to start school.

And now we are selling a house, ready to move, and we don't know where we are going!!

Are we crazy?!

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