Friday, Jun. 11, 2004 || Countdown, 8 hours

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After 10 days in two major cities, Rob flies home today.

I really should be cleaning. Or exercising. Or showering. Something to get the day started. The countdown is approximately 8 hours before I have to leave for the airport. And so much I would like to accomplish before that.

But here I am anyway.

Last night we had a wonderful thunderstorm. I love storms, and since they are rarely tornadic here, all the better. Everything smelled fresh and green and the breeze was cool this morning, so I took my coffee, Bible, devotional, and journal out on the deck and basked in the morning-ness of it all.

For the first time in my life, I heard a squirrel. I may be the densest woman on earth, but I didn't know they made noise. This one was bounding from tree to tree squalking loudly and adamantly, I presume at me. I thought it was a bird at first. But when I looked up, said rodent (are squirrels rodents...I am not sure...anyway...) was looking me directly in the eye and chirping obnoxiously.

Hey lady, what do you think you are doing on my deck? You are seriously cramping my bounding-with-abandon gig. I just can't concentrate on my leaps and jumps with you sitting there sipping your freakin' coffee!

So far, it seems that Rob will be home for about a week and a half. Two weekends and the week in between. Then the plan is to go to Se@ttle for almost two weeks. Fly out on a Monday and come back two Fridays later.

I am not sure how long this traveling thing is gonna last, and I am not sure what God is trying to teach us through it. More on that trust thing, at a minimum, I suppose.

I am thinking of bopping up to the parental abode when he heads west again. Hang out at the free aquatic center in their backyard. Get some sun. Get spoiled by the mother a bit. Buy the kids snoballs dripping with marshmallow creme. Hopefully catch up with some of the girls.

We shall see. Just found out a buddy of ours from St. Louey wants to visit the beach the last weekend of the month.

Summer plans are beginning to materialize. If nothing else, I have more than enough to do around here to get this house in order.

To which I really should begin devoting some of my time to, like, right now.

8 hours...will it drag by or haul booty? Guess it's all perspective, huh?

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