Wednesday, May. 14, 2003 || School days, school days...

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Yesterday I registered for college.

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but I am almost 33 and I will be a college freshman.

Well, if all my credits would transfer, I would be a sophomore, but they won't (I have gone to 4 different schools on and off for the past 12 years). That's okay, though. The important part is that I got the proverbial ball rolling.

I still have to take the Math Assessment (blech!) to see if I can get out of bonehead math courses. I have to file for financial aid. Even at $59 a credit hour, I am hoping for a pell. I have to pick my classes, and I have to try to narrow down where I want to finish my final 2 years so that I can be sure to take classes that will transfer smoothly and not be a waste of time.

I am excited! I don't think it has all hit me yet.

What I am not excited about is that I have to take 7 hours of science. Ew! One class in biology and one in physical science. I think I will go for Human Biology with the lab. The physical science one, though, I am just not sure. Perhaps astronomy...

I am looking into these schools for transfer. I like the idea of the first one because it will incorporate some religious studies, but it is twice as much as UMSL. So, will need to really pray and consider this choice. Especially since I intend to go right into Masters work and most likely Doctorate studies.

My plan is to be a psychologist. It is not going to be easy, but one day, I want to be able to encourage, counsel, and do my best to help hurting people.

I try to do that even now.

As for my last diary entry, things have settled, some. There is still a battle raging. We are unsure what the final tally will be. If you pray, pray for us in the days and weeks ahead.

We will need it.

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