Sunday, Jul. 17, 2005 || Ah, memories

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When you start sorting and packing for a move, you invariably come across old photos that bring a giggle or two (or a hundred) or at the very minimum, send you on a trip down memory lane. In the past few days I've come across prom dates that look like Flock of Seagull clones (for the record, Rob's friends, not mine), a kid with her dress pulled up over her head to hide her face during a church concert (not one of ours, thankfully!), and a diaper-clad cutie sucking his thumb and holding "Didi" (N@than's word for doll back in the day).

I also came across the photo of K@ytlin's first attempt at making the family dinner, that nouveau gourmet favorite, PB&J. She was about 5, I guess, so that would have made N@than 3 or 4. Rob and a guy from our church, Al, had gone to pick up a new bunkbed for the kids, and they came into the kitchen as K@ytlin was finishing up the preparations.

She was so proud of herself. "I made dinner tonight!" she exclaimed, smiling broadly and swinging her arm out with a voila! flourish at the feast spread before us on the table.

Al, with all the aplomb an experienced father could display, gushed over her accomplishment.

N@than, not to be outdone, promptly and proudly trumpeted for all to hear:

"Well! I had a clean break!"

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