Monday, Jan. 09, 2006 || Cinq random things

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Tagged by Janie, and since it is a dull Monday evening with nothing interesting to do but watch Gi1more Girls re-runs, I'll go for it.

1. I used to collect pig figurines, and I still have one displayed in my kitchen - a black and white one peering over the side of the cabinet above the fridge. He was a gift from my best friend.

2. I used to wear only gold jewelry, but now I find myself only wanting white gold or silver.

3. I add a Splenda packet to my coffee along with flavored creamer.

4. I rarely buy solid colored socks for myself, unless they are athletic ones.

5. I had a toasted coconut donut and vanilla chai for a snack this afternoon.

Hmmmm....I guess I will tag Zen, Six, and Jen.

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