Saturday, Dec. 25, 2004 || It's Christmas

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The usual Christmas morning roar has settled down to a mild din now. One kiddo is watching his new movie. The girl is primping. Youngest and daddy are putting something together.

We read the Christmas story last night and The Tale of Three Trees this morning before Rob did the Let-me-see-if-Santa-came-this-year-oops-no-he-didn't-ha-ha-ha routine. A bit of a departure from the norm, but Rob thought they would be less distracted last night.

I think he was right. Having three squirming, jumping-bean kiddos in our bed at 8:30 AM does not a reverent moment make. Especially when Mom is groggy from going to bed at 2 AM after two nice glasses of Shiraz.

The Christmas loot was pretty darn good this year in the L-abode. Kiddos all seemed happy-happy-happy with each and every gift, which I just love. Rob seemed to like his bounty too, save the shirt and sweater from his mother. (oh. gee. clothes.)

My Christmas gift from my honey is that we are going to Chicago next week (Monday night through Friday morn). He has to work in the area, but should finish up quickly so we can enjoy the city. He even bought us City Passes, which will get us into up to 6 attractions, including the Hancock Observatory, which holds some sentimental mush-value for both of us.

So, if anyone has any good it's-freakin'cold-in-Chicago-but-we-will-have-fun-anyway advice for us, let me know.

The kiddos gave me new slippers, a Coca Cola calendar, and a "Fix It and Forget it Lightly" cookbook. My parents got me a Deion S@nders (R@vens) jersey. My MIL sent me a hideous purse. Not sure what I will do with it, but it's the thought that counts, eh? (Why won't people send gift receipts with their gifts?) It's funny, when it comes to gifts from the MIL, she either hits a homerun or strikes out completely. No in-between. Even K@y said, "Did she really think you would like that?"

Seriously, it looks like a cross between a diaper bag and something a 90 year old woman would hang off of her walker.

Friends from church brought us homemade fudge last night and shared our appetizer meal. The J-crew gave us movie money (woohoo) and T and gang sent along some H0llywood moolah along with giftage for the kiddos.

So, save the old woman bag and the she's-still-trying-to-dress-me-like-my-preppy-stepdad clothes for me and Rob, it was a good haul.

And then there are the intangibles. Our family, together, in our own home for Christmas (last year we were living out of suitcases at the parents'). Health. Joy in The Gift. It sounds cliched, I know, to say He is the reason for the season, but it's just that simple.

He is.

Merry Christmas, dear ones.

"Draw close. Hold hands. Life is short. God is good.” –Jan Karon

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