Thursday, Jun. 12, 2003 || Crimes of...chocolate?

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It has been stress-city around here. It has been a difficult enough week with the loss in our church. Then Tuesday night I came home to find that the wife of a man who has caused Rob and me much grief in the past four months had slandered us in a fairly public forum.

Can someone say, "Make it stop!"?

Just before bed last night I had a craving for some chocolate. Great stress reliever, right? A few months ago, Rob bought me a huge box of assorted Mrs. Field's chocolates. I have been polishing them off one to two candies at a time. I knew there was about a tray and a half left (this sucker came with six trays of candy!).

I opened the box and noticed that there was only one candy left in one tray and a full tray. My first thought was, "Cool, I am going to eat the chocolate cashew cluster or chocolate almond cluster from the "new" tray."

Okay, okay, so I am anal like that and like to finish off one tray at a time. I've never said I am not slightly neurotic.

There was just one problem with this plan. As I went to choose one of those with nutty, chocolatey goodness, there weren't any. But every slot in the tray was filled with a candy.

And then it hit me. Oh, yes, if you haven't figured it out, my darling spouse had not only absconded my very favorite and final peices of that variety, he had tried to camoflauge his chocolate crime by inserting non-nutty-goodness candies from another tray.

"Just think of all the calories I saved you," was his bright-eyed, albeit slightly sheepish reply.

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